The Historical Society is sharing with you material taken from writings and oral interviews conducted this past winter with Mr. Schneider. Part of the Society’s Cottage Museum exhibit focuses on the Bexley community and their involvement with the U.S. military through the years. Ed gives us a glimpse into his Army experiences and then back home. See the Visit Us section on our home page for times when the museum is open to visitors.

I received my basic training in 1941 and sailed from San Francisco on May 26, 1942. I didn’t return to the United States until December 4, 1945. I was a member of the 37th Infantry Division, 140th Field Artillery, U.S. Army.

In my three and one-half years in the service, I rose from Private to Battalion Sergeant-Major. Some of the places my division saw action were the

  • Fiji Islands;
  • Guadalcanal;
  • Munda in New Georgia;
  • Campaign on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands;
  • Lingayen Gulf, which is at Luzon in the Philippine Islands; and
  • The Battle of Manila.

The Bronze Star was awarded to me after the campaign in Bougainville. One of my memorable experiences was meeting up with my brother in Manila on March 20, 1945. We had not seen each other since we said our good-byes at Ft. Bragg, NC on March 22, 1942.

Once back home, I eventually met my future wife, Maxine. While we were dating and after we married and had children, one of the places we went for an enjoyable outing was Norwood’s Amusement Park. This was located in the area that is now called Pump Park.

Originally published in Historical Herald, May 2010

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